Thursday, 31 January 2008

Redpolls; January 2007

Mealy Redpoll (juv.) FOR SALE

Mealy Redpoll (adult male) FOR SALE

Arctic Redpoll (adult female) FOR SALE

These ink sketches were the result of several sessions watching and sketching redpolls. Mealy Redpolls were abundant at several sites and an influx of Arctic Redpolls saw me seeing at least six individuals. These are super birds, full of character, beautiful to look at, added to which is the variability of these birds and the identification issues that accompany that variability. This all adds up to them being a fascinating subject.
The more I observed and scrutinized individual birds, the more I realized just how complex the separation of these two species is, at times I found myself rather frustrated by birds which may have been Arctic's, though in the end were best left unidentified. Much further study of these birds is required to fully understand the complex plumages of these birds.
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