Thursday, 31 January 2008

July 2007

Green Sandpiper

Spotted Redshank

Ruff (juv.)

Ruff (juv.)


Jackdaw (juv.)

Caspian tern (adult)

Little Stint

July is a month dominated by waders towards it's end and I spend my time at Angarn or Sandemar at this time looking for them. They are great birds to draw, a group I am familiar with, having cut my teeth on waders in Dublin as a teenager. These birds are returning south after breeding furher north and pass through in huge numbers over the autumn, thadults fist, which are later followed by the juvenile birds.
Caspian Tern breeds here and is often seen fishing on the baltic coast when it can be picked up on its diagnostic, grating call. A very big tern and an impressive bird at anytime.
The Jackdaw was a young bird and was busy begging for food from it's parents. The Wren was a quick sketch, one I rather like now, sometimes sketches go unnoticed until you look back through the days work at a later stage...

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