Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lapwing Painting

Latest painting here, overlooked to post it a while back. Early Lapwings displaying in the smow, a scene witnessed in April this year..
Acrylic on Canvas; 120cmx30cm.

Wheatear and Yellowhammer; May 2010




Technical pen inks done at Landsort of these bird, the pens fine lines and stratchy texture work rather well...

Arctic Tern and Ringed Plover; May 2010

Arctic Tern

Ringed Plover

Arctic Tern

Sketched here from Sandhamn last week of these birds, both present on the south end of the island...

Thrush Nightingale and Bluethroat; May 2010

Thrush Nightingale


Thrush Nightingale in shade, the sun highlighting the bird from the left...

Some sketches here of these fantastic birds. The Thrush Nightingale is rather drab in appearance, but makes up for it with a wonderful song. Spent two days in a hide photographing this elusive species, got some great shots which have benn posted on Blogbirder, the sister blog, link in the margin here.
Bluethroat is far from drab. I had this stunning male on Landsort last week, which made my evening. Photos on Blogbirder also...

Flycatchers; May 2010

Collared Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher

Collared Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher

Collared Flycatcher

Been a brilliant week for flycatchers, I've seen Collared(4 birds, all males!), Pied, a single male Red Breasted and stacks of Spotted. The male Pied and Collared are fantastic, striking birds, as can be seen from the field sketches..

Spring Passerines; May 2010

Willow Warbler

Lesser Whitethroat

Garden Warbler

Spotted Flycatcher

Some recent fieldwork of returning spring migrants done over the past ten days or so, great to have the summer birds streaming back into the country...