Tuesday, 4 March 2008

30 M Kärret, 5th March 2008

Green Woodpecker

White Tailed Eagles


The latest fieldsketches. Migrating White Tailed Eagles are a feature now and pass over in small numbers as they relocate to their breeding territories, whilst the non breeders move north as the ice retreats. These were two of several seen. The species is doing really well here in Stockholm and several birds can occasionally be seen at the right sites at the correct time of year, individuals are regularily seen in the city, often high over the waterfront, a really spectacular sight.
The Twite have been in the area for some time, but are hard to find at times as they feed rather quietly over a large area. This small finch is found over much of northern europe, foften moving to the coast in winter to escape the more severe weather. A close relative of the Linnet, they can be picked out by their yellow bill, buff throats and pinkish toned rumps among other features.
Green Woodpecker was nice, dont often get good views of these. Often a difficult bird to see, they are shy and retiring and tend to move around a lot over their extensive territories. The laughing call is a familiar sound in the broadleaved woodland around the city. This one froze against the tree when it became aware of my presence, before slipping away some minutes later, a lovely male bird...