Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fall birding

Bluethroat in a ditch...

White Wagtail Juv...


Some favourite images from the autumn...

Falsterbo; 2010

Common Buzzard and Red Kite; a different silhoette entirely...

Goldcrest, everywhere over the week...

Hobby Juv...

Honey Buzzard; 1st Calender; Dark Morph

Mistle Thrush; 1st Calender

Woodlark; Never tire of drawing these....

The best of the sketchbook from Falsterbo, a place where I should of sketched moe but theres just so much going on...birds everywhere by the minute...

Gulls; Skeppsbron

Lesser Black backed Gull; 1st Calender; Light Morph; a real stunner...

Baltic Lesser Black backed Gull, adult.

Greater Black backed Gull; 2nd Calender

Argentatus Herring Gull...line drawing
Drawings here from Skeppsbron, the learning curve goes on. Large gulls are the ultimate ID challenge, learning them requires time. It has it's rewards, understanding moult and individuual variation have opened my eyes...

Great Snipe; Ågesta

Not quite right, but as I sketched it. My first in daylight, easy to see the white fringes to the primary coverts in flight.Short billed, bulky and a really different call to Common Snipe...

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Water Colours; Hällögarn; 31st July-3rd August 2010

Wood Sandpiper

Caspian Tern

A couple of watercolours done in the field whilst on Hällögarn, northern Sweden...

Hällögarn; 31st July-3rd August 2010

Begging Common Tern juv.

Goosander young...

Common Tern juv.

Common Tern juv.

Common Gull

Common Terns comp sketch.

Common Sandpiper

Temminck's Stint

Temminck's Stint

Temminck's Stint

Sketches here from a five day trip to a small island in the north of Sweden called Hällögarn, a tint island on the baltic coast. Filled an entire sketchbook whilst there of the species seen, all pages are posted here...

Hällögarn; 31st July-3rd August 2010

Red Breasted Merganser female with young...

Red Breasted Merganser, female.

Common Tern, juv.

Common Gull, juv.

Caspian Tern, adult

Common Tern...

Spotted Redshank juv.

Red Breasted Merganser young...

Wood Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper


Hällögarn; 31st July-3rd August 2010

Caspian Tern, adult..

Caspian Tern, adult..

Roosting Curlew

Curlew juv.

Preening Curlew


Adult Caspian Tern

Adult Common Tern

White Wagtail

More sketches from Hällögarn...

Hällögarn; 31st July-3rd August 2010

Common Terns and Rock.

Common Tern



Common Gull.

Goosander young and Common Tern.

Common Tern...


Black Headed Gull

Tufted Duck, female.

More sketches from mt few days on the island of Hälögarn, straight out of my sketchbook...