Saturday, 2 February 2008

Three Toed Woodpecker; Hansta; 29th January 2008

Three Toed Woodpecker (male)

Three Toed Woodpecker (male)

Three Toed Woodpecker (male)

This bird was reported three weeks ago and I spent a lot of hours searching for it, without a sighting. Happily it returned to an area called Hansta in Norra Järvafältet this week and I was able to finally connect, a superb bird in every way which gave great views as it fed and even rested for a few minutes. Only the third time I have seen the species and by far the best views I have enjoyed. Hope to get back with the camera if it stays around and obliges me with a few photo's.


Rachana said...

Great sketches! The paintings are really amazing. I will look forward to more of your works.

Peter Mathios said...

Love the blog Alan!! The sketches are, of coarse, incredible:-)